Recent research has shown that children have no spaces to play that is due to a number of causes. Firstly, there are too many cars and industry that cause air pollution. Furthermore, building of freeways and lack of public parks can lead to children can not do any exercises that can cause health problems such as: obesity. In addition, social effects such as: children do not play with other children that is the effect of living in high-rise apartment.

A: where will the children play
Summary :
In present, children are becoming more obesity than past and this is due to a number of causes of lac
k of play space. Firstly, families are chose to live in high-rise apartments which lead to children can not playing with other children .In addition, there are building of freeways and lack of public parks which have resulted in lack of exercise. Lest but not least, pollution causes some health problems. Children can not play outdoor due to air pollution.

Life expectancy---in some countries people are living longer.

There are many reasons for the fact that people are living longer in some countries. Such as medical facilities, technology . Nowadays, the equipment in hospital are much more advanced than in the past. When people are ill, they have better medical facilities to use as well as there are a lot of advanced technology in hospital. In addition, the water is getting more and more fresh and clean. People always have good living condition that it is the safe environment. According to the cause above, it will lead to greater number of population and increased old population. (yolanda and penny)

Life Expectancy-In some countries people are living longer
Recently, in some countries people have been living longer than before and this is due to a number of causes. Firstly, advances of medical facilities are increasing in hospital. In the past more people died due to lack of medical facilities. Furthermore, an increase in the use of technology can cause by increasing population. Next cause is that people can access to clean water easier than before as a result of increasing older population. Finally, increasing the number of population and becoming older in some countries because most governments try to protect their living environment. (Halah and alex)

Life Expectancy-In some countries people are living longer ( Lynn and Jeffery)

Recent research has shown that there is the huge improvement in life expectancy in some countries. And this is due to a great number of causes. Firstly, with the development of technology, the medical facilities are more convenient and effective than before which means some kinds of illness cannot be healed is possible to deal with nowadays. Furthermore, people use purified water everyday which improved the individuals’ basic healthy level. Another cause is that stable social environment support a safe living condition to citizens. Therefore, the grey people have a better life circumstance and medical cures which make them a longer lives. Since the new infants are still increasing and the person’s life become much longer, the population of human being are increasing.

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Life expectancy

In some countries people are living longer. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, Medical facilities is one of the causes of good living as it supports these communities by finding the cure for any disease, so it will help them to live in a good condition. Secondly, technology started to be part of any surgery or medical treatment like x-ray and blood pressure machine. Thirdly, it’s easy for people to find clean water and this will protect them from any illness. Finally, lack of the manufacture in living area provides the people with safe environment, which lead them to have clear air. However, this will affect this culture by increasing the population number as they will need more foods and services. In addition, the age group will be so big in these communities and they will have older population than younger generation and it will reduce the productivity in these countries.

(Chuck and Lee)
Where will the children play

In present-day society, there are less and less play space for children and this essay will focus on the causes and effects of this situation. There are several factors. First of all, the environment pollution becomes increasingly serious, which contributes to the decrease of play space. Moreover, a host of freeways are built and more and more children have to live in high-rise apartments. Finally, the most important reason is the lack of public parks. It will create some negative problems. For example, children will have some health problems due to lack of exercise, the essential one is the obesity. In addition, lack of play space can cause some social effects, for instance, children now do not have many opportunities to play with other children.