The graph shows the number of visitors to Melbourne Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and Albert Park from 1980 to 2000. Overall, Melbourne Zoo was the most popular attraction from 1980 to 1992; however, during the following eight years, Albert Park became the most popular.

In 1986 about 21,000 people visited the Zoo. Between 1986 and 1992 the numbers increased dramatically, this might have been due to the birth of some rare gorillas during this time which were a very popular attraction. In 1992 the young gorillas were sent to another zoo; as a result, the number of visitors fell slightly. Since then the numbers have continued to drop minimally except for a slight rise in 1998.

In contrast, the number of visitors to Albert Park remained stable at about 10 thousand annually from 1980 to 1984 and then showed a substantial increase until 1990. During this period a lot of work was done to improve parkland and recreation facilities which encouraged more people to visit the park. The work finished in 1990 and the numbers fell slightly then climbed markedly in 1992 when the Australian Grand Prix began to race in Albert Park attracting a lot of formula 1 fans. In 2000, Albert Park received around 60,000 visitors, an increase of 50,000 over the two decades.

Unlike the other two attractions, the Botanical Gardens showed a slight decrease in visitor numbers over the period. There was a sharp rise in visitors from 1980 to 1982 when the new restaurant was opened. There was then a steady increase until 1990. In 1990 a plague of bats damaged the gardens and the number of visitors dropped and continued to decline to 9,000 in 2000.

In summary, while visitor numbers to the Zoo and Albert Park increased, there was a fall in the number of visitors to the Botanical Gardens.