Homework due Monday 29/11
Write a description of the table on page 253 of the student book including reasons.
Homework for Tuesday 9/11
Complete exs 1-3 pg 115-116 SB on word formation and suffixes.

Homework for Monday 8/11
- Choose one of the following topics and write a 300 word essay.
a. What are the main reasons for and effects of tourism?
b. Describe the causes and effects of immigration.
c. Explain the major causes of pollution and its effects.
d. What are the most important causes and effects of stress?
When you finish writing your essay, ask yourself the following questions:
- Is the essay structure clear?
- Are my ideas relevant to the essay topic?
- Are my ideas fully and clearly explained?
- Have I checked my work for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Homework for Thursday 4/11
- Icon projects
- pp. 144-146
Homework for Monday 25/10
- research possible 'icons' to present to your group
- pp. 31 - 33
- pp. 71 - 73

Homework for Monday and Tuesday 1 and 2/11
Keep working on your ICON projects...each person in your group should have a specific area to research...and remember to keep a record of your sources for your Reference List!!!!!!
Joel will check in with you later in the week, and I will check in with you at the beginning of Week 4.